Friday Night Leftovers- Vacation Detox Edition

• We are much more relaxed on rules when we are on vacation. This results in Elizabeth needing to be “detoxed” from what we let her do on trips. The first two days, I slowly stopped letting her watch television during the day. Now all I am still working on is to get her to stop asking me for candy every few minutes.
• The problem is that she often asks me when I am distracted and one of my bad habits is to unthinkingly agree to whatever she asks when I am distracted. (And she totally uses this to her advantage.) So she comes up and quietly says “Mama, can I have a candy?” And I am in the middle of something and I say “sure, baby, one minute.” And then I realize what I have agreed to.
• Cookies. I love cookies.
• We had friends over this morning and the three older ones (of which Elizabeth is one, the two little girls are still called the babies) played much better together than usual. They had flare ups, and when they did, they were big flare ups, like smacking each other in the face, but there weren’t many of those at all (two? three?) and they went right back to playing together beautifully. Normally, it is more of a two against one thing or even a one against one against one.
• These three older ones haven’t historically played particularly well together. But the moms are friends and are hairbow club, so the kids have forced socialization. So it will be nice if they actually learn to play together properly.
• The ice cream truck just went by our window. I said “hey, the music truck!” And Elizabeth said “hey, it’s playing some instruments, awww!” She’ll figure out that it has ice cream soon enough.
• Elizabeth just held out a letter cracker and said “It’s a T, T for Target!” I probably better teach her a non-shopping reference before she goes to school, huh?

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