We Will Win Eventually

So Elizabeth adjusted to Mexico time (two hours earlier than us) quite easily. By the last day we were there, she stayed up until 11:00ish at night for the wedding (1:00am home time) and slept in that morning until 8:30am.

Since we’ve been home, she has not adjusted back. She has not fallen asleep earlier than 10:00pm this whole week.

Her normal bedtime is 7:15pm.

She usually takes about a half hour to fall asleep at night, so she’s normally asleep somewhere between 7:45-8:00pm most nights and then wakes up consistently in the morning between 7:02-7:15am. (I’m not saying she sleeps all night, every night without bothering me multiple times per night. But those are her bed hours.)

So, I have been struggling to get her back on schedule since we got home. Today may have been my breakthrough.

We went to visit Tara and Brigid today. The girls played together for a while and then we went to the pool for hours. I made sure that Elizabeth did not fall asleep in the car on the way home and this is how she looked when we arrived back at our house.



I think this might be the night she goes to bed on time.