Matt and I are looking to purchase a freezer for the garage.  Actually, we’ve been looking to purchase a freezer for the garage for a while, but it has been one of those back of my mind things like “eh, we really should get a freezer”.  And then we never do it.  Well, now is the time.

We are looking at a basic, standard chest freezer, something like 7 cubic feet.  But we are looking at that because it is really affordable and the bigger size than the other affordable one.  (It’s $199 for this one and $149 for another one that is really much smaller.)  But, I have never owned a stand alone freezer and I do not know.  Do we really want to play almost twice as much and get an upright instead of a chest?  I plan to use it to store primarily my batch cooking things, which I normally do in foil pans or in freezer bags.  (Usually foil pans, the 9X13 ones or whatever they are.)  I am also going to stock up on strawberries and peaches this summer (Georgia peaches!- one of the main benefits of living here!) and prep them and freeze them for winter smoothies and popsicles.

So what do you know about garage freezers?  Is it worth twice as much money for an upright as opposed to a chest?