When doing housework with a small, opinionated person around, I often do not get to do exactly what I would like to do when I would like to do it.  So I used to do the most urgent thing first, then the next, then the next, until I would do the “bonus” chores last.  Bonus chores are kind of the long term chores with no major deadline on them.  Like painting the niche and framing the pictures and cleaning out the photo albums.  Things that ought to be done eventually, to live up to my organizational standards, but really, no big deal if they don’t get done this week.  Or this month.  Or even this year, really.

Well, I’ve discovered that if I do things that way, I get busy and tired and then I never get to the other things at all.  So I have started putting the least urgent chores on the front of the day.  And yes, sometimes I am folding laundry and cooking dinner at the same time and vacuuming right before bed, but at least all the things are getting done.  It’s actually working out to be a pretty good strategy.  I will have to get out Jen’s Giant List of Things To Do again soon.