Friday Night Leftovers- Calendar Edition

  • Dibits is recovering from Mexico time, but slowly.  Sloooowly.  Last night, Matt got home from work late, around 8:30pm, and she didn’t go to sleep until after he had come home and gone up to give her a good night cuddle.
  • And then she slept with his shirt, which he gave her, all cuddled up next to her.
  • I had to wake her up this morning and took this picture.  Matt’s shirt is the white and black stripes. Doda the doll doesn’t even get that kind of treatment.
  • I have a moms club meeting this morning at Burger King.  Our Burger King has the best playground in my entire town, so we go there and sit at the tables while the kids all play and get hot and sweaty.
  • After that, we are going to run all the errands so that we don’t have to do them this weekend.
  • I did all the paperwork and bills yesterday.  And yet, there is still a stack of them here on my desk.  Two of the places I called yesterday for paperwork related things did not answer their phones or call me back (um, what is the point of having business hours if you aren’t THERE during them?) so those are still there.  And then more bills came in the mail after I paid the rest.
  • It’s peach season.  May I suggest that you all move to Georgia during peach season?
  • I am all confused about the garage freezer now.  Everyone had such good points.  Only half of your good points were for the upright and half were for the chest.  WHAT DO I DO NOW?
  • I have been trying to digitize my calendar system for about a month now.  I am doing pretty well.  Only I cannot get my phone to send the information to Outlook.  I can get Outlook to send the information to my phone, but if it is only syncing in one direction, it is no good to me.
  • Well, it is still better than it was, but not great.  And when will Apple figure out to to sync my phone with my whiteboard calendar on the wall?
  • The little dog is doing way better with his anxiety lately.  He is now willing to go outside, by himself, with the back door closed.  It has to be on his own timetable (if he doesn’t want to go outside right now, he’s not going to go, thank you very much), but I used to have to either stand by the door or leave it open for him.  (He needed a quick reentry back into the house, in case something outside tried to eat him.)  (Nothing has ever tried to eat him.  I don’t know where he got the idea that something could.  All we have in our backyard are birds and rabbits.)
  • Also, it is housefly season here again.  Houseflies are the bane of my existence.  They are so gross and so prevalent in this neighborhood.  I have checked with local friends and everyone in my neighborhood has the same problem.  But a town or two over, nope.  Until it gets cold enough to freeze again, we shall have at least one housefly in the house at all times, no matter how hard I try to ban/kill/trap/chase them.

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