Freezer Decision

Since I know that everyone desperately wanted to know (actually, a few people did tell me that they did want to know what I decided), this is the freezer I got.


I read all your comments and opinions and decided to go with the upright.  Then I went back to the store and discovered that oops, the upright wasn’t $349 like I remembered.  It was $499 instead.  So I decided that was more of an investment than I wanted to make right now.  So I got the $178 chest freezer and spent all morning cleaning out the garage to make room for it.  (Actually, I spent about twenty minutes cleaning the garage to make room for it.  I spent the rest of the morning just cleaning the garage.  It looks fantastic now and I have removed Clean the Garage from my to do list.)

Tomorrow, I begin to FILL the freezer.  I am thinking primarily fresh fruit (frozen for smoothies, I love Matt for getting me a super awesome blender that actually WORKS for my birthday) and casseroles.  I also have plans on another batch of breakfast burritos, a bigger one, because we finished that last batch a week or so ago.  Now tell me, does anyone have any ideas on how to make scrambled eggs in bulk?