Friday Night Leftovers

  • My sister is here visiting.  Elizabeth is totally over me and is all AUNTIE, all the time.  She keeps ordering me out of the room.  Oh, how sad I am, Dibits, to leave the room and sit all by myself in the living room with a book.
  • Although, my sister did just call me into the room and say “uh, Jen, come clean this up.”
  • She doesn’t have any kids herself.
  • They are painting.  The mess I was supposed to clean up didn’t even count as a mess yet.
  • I am going to listen to Barb and paint a tiny bit of the house at a time, since I don’t think it is ever going to get painted any other way.  Now to choose colors.  One of my friends just painted her house a really nice green that I love so I think I am going to steal that color and do some blue too.  My kitchen/living room/sitting area is currently yellow and I don’t mind that either, although I would go one shade brighter.
  • I think, however, I will not paint the dining room because it is a serious dark red and it would take about six million coats.  Also, it has really heavy bookshelves that are attached to the walls.
  • I have been wanting a peephole in the front door since we moved in.  Matt can see through the front door window, but I cannot.  And last night, it occurred to me: isn’t putting in a peephole basically just drilling a hole through the front door and screwing in a peephole?  And yes, it is, and yes, I can handle that.
  • I have lost Elizabeth’s nail clippers.  I remember moving them somewhere before the Mexico trip and now I cannot find where I put them.
  • Does anyone have any fantastic organizing ideas for craft cabinets?  Ours is in one of my kitchen cabinets and it gets messy about three minutes after I clean it out.  That means it needs better organization.  And I cannot blame anyone for this because I am the only one who ever goes in there.  So clearly, it needs a better system.  My theory of organization is that once properly set up, a system must be simple to maintain, otherwise it is flawed.  So this is flawed.

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