Cars Question

Like my question about your garage situation, I would now like to know about your cars. (And I am now going back to re-read all those garage situation comments as I find it fascinating.)

Matt and I each have our own cars.  (I have a 2001 Toyota RAV4 and Matt has a 2011 Toyota Sienna.  Yes, that is right, the stay at home mommy does not drive the minivan, as jealous as I am of that.)  We each drive our own cars 99.97% of the time.  We have a car seat in each car that remains there all of the time.  When we drive somewhere together, Matt drives and we all ride in his car.

Now, a good portion of this is because Matt is a giant and he doesn’t fit properly into my car.  And by that, I mean he literally cannot get in the passenger seat of my car because of the car seat behind it and he can barely fit behind the wheel in my car.  (Note that my car was from my parents and was originally bought for my mom.  If I were buying a car for me, I would buy one Matt fit in.  But my parents gave me a car that I have driven for something like eleven years now and I am not going to complain about a free car.  Hooray, free cars!)  So I imagine people with normal sized husbands (or equivalent humans) aren’t limited to one car that both people can ride in.  So I would like to know what your car situation is.  Do you have a car for each spouse?  If you have kids, is there a single car that they ride in almost all of the time so that you only have one set of car seats?  (When we need a second car seat, we will get them in duplicate to avoid having to move them back and forth between cars every single week.  It occurred to me recently that it is feasible for most people to not do this.)  What are the reasons that you switch cars if you have “your own” cars?