Friday Night Leftovers- Hot and Lazy Edition

• Since my sister is still here, we went to Six Flags again today. Surprisingly not too crowded for Fourth of July week.
• Ridiculously hot, of course. I actually had sweat drip into my eye and I cannot think of another time in my life that has happened to me.
• Since we were out frying all day, we ordered take out Japanese for dinner tonight and it was SO GOOD. I had a California Crunch Roll and Vegetable Tempura. Yes, everything I ordered was fried. And it was good. Very good.
• Food at Six Flags is rip-off expensive. It’s worse than Disney. So is parking.
• I do not know what Elizabeth is going to do when my sister goes home tomorrow morning and she doesn’t have full time attention any more. Because I have some serious house cleaning plans tomorrow and I suspect the Dibits will find that to be far too boring of me.
• Speaking of the Dibits, a little girl at the pool this week had some pool mermaid dolls. They were just generic, hand sized mermaids. Anyone seen those anywhere? Or have any other suggestions for good pool toys? We have plenty of big ones, like noodles, balls, and floats, but we could use some nice small ones. Preferably small ones that float so that I don’t have to go getting them off the bottom of the pool.
• Elizabeth is getting smarter. As soon as she learned to walk, we had to fight with her to ride in a stroller at all. Even at full day, walking intensive outings. (Like theme parks.) This summer she has figured out that if you ride for the long parts, you have more energy later and she no longer argues when it is time to get in the stroller.
• I have implemented Dresden’s rule of not using the present until I have written the thank you note. Oddly, it turns out I write thank you notes much more quickly this way.
• After I wrote that last bullet, I remembered I hadn’t gotten the mail today so I went out and got it. And there was a package from Barb. Damn you, Barb, for testing my new thank you note policy! I mean, thank you, Barb, for all the lovely things you sent! (Actually, Barb and I don’t usually write thank you notes to each other, we usually just email or call. We are such good friends that we typically excuse each other from that chore. We had that conversation once.)
• I also got a refund check for some disposable diapers I bought a year ago. About half the sides ripped when I put them on her. (It was every other diaper that I pulled from the pack with almost no exceptions.) So I contacted the company, they asked me to mail them the packaging and a sample diaper (and sent me a paid envelope), I did, and I waited for my refund. About two weeks ago, I came across that paperwork in the drawer, decided the amount of money wasn’t worth any more of my time, and if they hadn’t sent my refund in this long (seriously, I think it has been a whole YEAR), they weren’t going to. I had to google the name of the company tonight when I got the check before I realized what it was for.
• I am no longer totally stuffed from my sushi/tempura dinner and I would like some more please.

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