Cute Baby Saturday- Restaurant Edition

Matt wasn’t home for dinner tonight, so when Elizabeth and I finished up our errands (Target and Toys R Us), I told her that it was Mama and Dibits Day and that I would take her anywhere she wanted for dinner.  Anywhere, I said!

She considered it carefully and chose…Sam’s Club.


I talked her into Chickfila instead and I went through the drive through.  After I picked up and paid for the food, she started to ask me for a drink.  I handed her my water bottle.  She said “no, not THIS drink!”  I told her that I didn’t have another drink until we got home.  There was a small moment of silence.  Then she said, all quiet like, “didn’t you get an orange juice?”

Darn baby has started listening to my drive through orders and remembering what I order.  There go the days of me being able to sneak treats (milkshakes! soda! cookies!) in the front seat because she can’t see me from her rear facing car seat.  (I’m serious, the snacks are half the reason I still have her rear facing.)