A Question and a Story

Firstly, a question. We are in our produce co-op still and I am growing tomatoes in the backyard, so we have a lot of tomatoes. More than we eat, by a significant amount. So I am planning to make some spaghetti sauce. What do we think would be the best way to do this? Should I make a weekly tomato purée, freeze it, then do a defrost and make a huge batch of sauce all at once? (I’m planning to freeze all the sauce I make since I have repeatedly been told to only use official recipes for canning and I want to use Matt’s grandmother’s recipe. Sorry, Matt’s full blooded Italian grandmother’s recipe.) Or should I make batches of raw sauce (I think I am not willing to cook down tomatoes one day a week for the rest of the summer) and then cook it all up when I defrost for eating? Do you have a better idea?

Tonight after dinner, I sat down in the living room chair to eat an ice cream cone. (The LAST of the drumsticks.) Elizabeth was off playing and after about my third bite, she came running in to ask me a question.

“Mama, where is my…what is THAT?”

“Nothing. Did you need something, baby?”

“Mama, what IS that?”


“Mama. I KNOW that thing. That is an ice cream cone.” (Pause.) “Mama, can we SHARE?”

And then, a few minutes later, she threatened to put ME in time out if I kept taking it back for my turn.