Friday Night Leftovers- Forgot a Title Edition

  • I love Friday Night Leftovers because I do not have to come up with anything more than one coherent sentence at a time.
  • My friend Leslie left her box of muffins here this morning.  I do not know whether she did it on purpose or not (she is a very generous giver of snacks) but before I asked her, I ate the whole box.  Okay, Elizabeth helped.  And we did it before she probably even got home and she lives four minutes away.  Thanks, Leslie, hope you didn’t want those muffins back!
  • Elizabeth is going through of period of much…intensity…right now.  It’s lots of fun.  We’ve had all sorts of regressions and tantrums and etc.  Let’s just get this over with before October, okay, kiddo?
  • (Hahahaha!)
  • Two sets of our out-of-the-computer friends had babies this week.  It’s like an epidemic.  (Two does not necessarily make an epidemic until you realize that these two sets of friends are in a (Jen declared) group of four total sets.  Fifty percent is totally an epidemic.)
  • The baby is large enough to kick me in both the hip and the ribs simultaneously.
  • Elizabeth named the baby last night.  I don’t usually reveal the names before birth, but I figured this time, why not?  The baby will be named…Barbie.
  • There are moths having sex on the window right in front of me right now.
  • Speaking of moths, we didn’t get a hard freeze this winter and the bugs here lately are RIDICULOUS.  I’m vacuuming every day to try to discourage them.
  • I am trying out cute hairstyles that are still ponytails.  I’m sneaky like that.  Today I’ve got one going that I stole from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  (Matt and I never finished watching that, so we went back.  I think we are in the last season now.)
  • What was I saying about bugs?  There is like a giant beetle trying to get in the window right now.  Gah.
  • It’s Friday!  That means Friday Night Dinner out!  I am thinking Thai.  Matt was thinking hamburgers, but then I mentioned Thai and he agreed that I am clearly a superior dinner chooser.
  • When Elizabeth is not having one of her Intensity Flip Outs (sorry, friends that came over this morning!), she is like the sweetest, cutest, happiest, most entertaining kid ever.  She’s just over in the living room right now, chattering away to herself.

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