Splash Park

Today, I took Elizabeth to the splash park at the back of Six Flags.

We bought season tickets when my sister was visiting because she wanted to go and the price of a season ticket was equivalent to a single day pass.  (Parking and food are ridiculous, however.)  So Elizabeth and I went today without spending a dime.  (I bought the season parking pass before too.  Sigh.)

Last time we went, I didn’t know they had a splash park in the back and we weren’t prepared.  This time, we both had swimsuits and towels and we stayed for about two and a half hours.

Elizabeth was excited.

She had a really nice time, but she would really like to go here again with someone other than lame Mama who is currently unable to do any of the good slides with her.  (Ahem, Daddy…)

The most amusing part of the day for me was that they only had one lane of the paying-for-parking open.  And it was the one on the right side of the car.  Well, I drive from the left side of the car.  I suppose most people aren’t taking a three year old to a theme park by themselves and it isn’t a problem for them.  So Elizabeth handed over our parking pass from the backseat, from her rear facing car seat.

She even left pleasantly, after I gave her lots of “almost time to go” warnings and reminded her that we had a bag of marshmallows (she packed it herself) on her stroller.

Elizabeth also saw a sign for ice cream on the way out of the park and told me that she needed a “leaving ice cream cone.”  I agreed, but told her that she had to wait for the car and I would stop on the way home.  (In other words, I am not willing to spend $7 on a theme park ice cream cone, but sure, you may have a $1 one.)  When we drove to the McDonalds drive through, I said “here we are at the ice cream!”  Elizabeth said “dis isn’t the ice cream store, dis is McDonalds.”

My one final story for the day is how amusing little kid conversation is to me.  On the way home, Elizabeth just casually asked me, making conversation, “so, what sound does a kitty make?”  She knows the answer to this but just thought it made a nice conversation topic.