Friday Night Leftovers- Cranky Edition

  • It’s not me that is cranky, but Elizabeth.  For some unknown reason (Toddlerhood? Growth spurt? Possession by demons?), she’s just had a hair trigger today and been a big pile of tears on the floor for a lot of it.
  • I was going to go out today and buy new sheets for our bed.  I meant to yesterday, but halfway through our errands, Elizabeth started sobbing about something and I said “are you done? Do you need to go home?” and she said “yes. I need to go home.”  Normally, she resists going home at all accounts because Out is so much more fun than Home.  I was also going to stop at the craft store for a couple of crafty things (I am doing a busy bag exchange and I need felt!).  But I tried to get her dressed and she got dressed willingly, then started sobbing because she wanted to put her dress on downstairs, not upstairs.  And I thought, um, let’s stay home today.
  • I’ve decided that I am pretty much the only person in the world who follows through on plans.  I say things like “let me know if you are free on Friday, like you think you are, and we can get together”.  And then I never hear from that person again.  (Hence me being free today, when I thought I was not.)  And then they later complain about never seeing us.  I OFFERED.
  • Elizabeth remains cranky.
  • And then she just got up and threw away her fruit snacks wrapper without being told.  Occasionally, I think this kid will learn to make it on her own eventually.
  • Elizabeth just requested to do sticky stuff.  Then she changed her wording and asked to do glue.  Because “glue is my favorite thing in the whole world!”
  • So now she’s doing glue.  I had better buy some more glue at the back to school sales.  (In case you were wondering, doing glue involves pouring glue from the glue bottle on to paper.  In an abstract manner. Then declaring “ta da!”)
  • I have started using a water gun to train the dogs to stop barking at random noises like the garage door opening and closing and the neighbors slamming their car door.  It is working pretty well on the little dog, but Trin dog just goes upstairs out of my range and continues to bark.  (She has always been my smarter dog.  Sorry, little weeny dog.)
  • Behind on my email.  Again.  I think I should just accept this as a permanent state.  Sigh.

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