Lunch Date

Today, we had to be out of the house so that the exterminator could do his thing, so I spontaneously drove to a far away store that my area does not have.  But do you know who does live there?  Tara and Little Miss Brigid.  (We have a grown up Miss Bridget that lives across the street, so Dibits has begun referring to Brigid as Little Miss Brigid which I think is awesomely hilarious.)

There was one tiny hiccup when I texted Tara and was like “I’m at Home Goods!” and she was like “great, meet me at the Chickfila near Home Goods!” and I went there and it wasn’t right at all and it turns out there are two different Home Goods!  And my area doesn’t even have ONE.  (And speaking of two different Home Goods- there were NINE Chickfilas between the two, so it is actually quite lucky that I got to the right one on the second try.)

I had to put in this picture because it is just so Elizabeth- in motion.  “I’m flying!”


Gah, could two internet babies be any cuter?




Then Elizabeth went to the counter by herself, with her voucher, and ordered her own ice cream cone and I had to stay back.  She insisted.


And then they shared their ice cream cone quite delightedly, since they are good friends.


And then one of them pulled the other one off their chair (with love and affection in an Of Mice and Men kind of way) and I am not saying who was the victim and who was the perpetrator.  Except that this was not the victim: