Diaper Bag Treats

When I was talking to Tara yesterday, we got on to the subject of diaper bag treats.  You know, the thing you pull out when you are on the go and you really need some kind of treat to shut up reward the kids.

I keep those little miniature lollipops in mine.  Tara had smarties and gummy frogs.  (Elizabeth really liked the gummy frogs.)  (Oh, and she also had dried pineapple but apparently Elizabeth does not consider that to be a treat.)  One of my friends carries jelly beans and tic tacs.  (Tic tacs are far more popular with the small ones than I expected.  I thought they’d be too strong, but no, they like them. And the strength of the mint flavor makes it so they are satisfied with a much smaller amount than normal.)

So what are your secret away from the house treats?