How Siri is Actually Useful

*To me.

When I first got my phone, I had this Siri thing on it, but I did not use it ever, not even to play with.  Then eventually, I figured out a few ways that it actually is useful.

Useful thing #1- Adding reminders to my reminder list.  I can say “remind me to….” and Siri asks me when I want to be reminded and is this right and then adds it to my list.  Sometimes she (it) doesn’t transcribe my words exactly correctly, but it is faster than typing it out with my single phone fingers.

Useful thing #2- Sending text messages.  I discovered that I can say “text Matt” and then Siri opens up a little window (confirming first that it is the right Matt) and asks me what I want to say.  I can then say aloud my text and she (it) writes it down for me and allows me to confirm it before sending it.  This is really handy when I have something like thirty seconds to send a message and don’t have time to type it.  (Like right before I pull out of my parking space and why don’t you just find a different parking place, other person, instead of waiting for me to get out of mine?)  I have found that I have to speak the punctuation out loud though, or I get a bunch of run on sentences.  Like the one I sent today, I had to say “I missed your call when I was picking up Elizabeth (period) Did you need something (question mark)” and then it came out correctly.

So far, that’s all I have found.  I occasionally do a “google ____” but I’ve found that she (it) gets the word wrong often enough that it is easier for me to just type it.  Things like weather or calendar or such are easier just to open the app myself.  So if you have Siri or know any good tips, share them with me!