Friday Night Leftovers- Peaches Edition

  • Peaches were on sale this week.  I bought eleven pounds of them.  I mean to (peel, slice, and then) freeze them, but instead I am just eating them all.  I have a four peach a day habit now.  Mmm.
  • I went to bed last night without cleaning the house all the way up like I do every night.  And I regretted it all day.  I always do.  I really need to remember that.
  • Elizabeth is in one of her hungry phases right now.  She just asked me for a snack.  I asked her what kind of snack she wanted.  She said “a lot.”
  • I made her some chicken nuggets, an apple, a string cheese, and some bologna left over from her afternoon snack.  Apparently the bologna was left over for a reason because she gave it right back to me.
  • We were out of the house nearly all day today.  We played with a friend and then ran a bunch of errands.
  • I need to clean out my car again.  It seems like I just did that.  I think I did it last week.  Somehow, driving around a child all the time makes my car much messier than it used to be.  (My car used to be ALWAYS clean.)

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