Cute Baby Saturday- "Sick" Edition

Today, we had to take Matt’s car into the dealership for a tire pressure problem.  (It turned out to be a nail in one of his tires- “well, THERE’S your problem.”) And after we dropped it off, we decided to kill time at a farther away mall.  And instead of doing that, we randomly got off the highway at Six Flags instead.

Matt and Dibits rode the roller coaster together and we went on a couple of rides in the kid area.  It was crazy hot, so we only stayed about an hour and a half and stopped at the candy shop on the way out. On the walk to the parking lot, Elizabeth told her daddy that she was getting too tired and hot and could she ride on his head?  (And obviously he said yes.)

As we were getting out of the car at home, I asked her if she was still hot and tired and she said “no, the candies made me cool and gave me my energies back.”

About a half an hour after we got home, she came to me and declared that she was “sick” and that she needed to lie down on the couch with a blanket and watch a show until she felt better.


She said that shows make her feel better when she is sick.

Then she declared that when she is REALLY sick, daddies make her feel better.


And in case you were concerned about her health, she completely recovered once her show was over and went to play exuberantly in the playroom, complete with shouting.