Babysitting Imbalance

My friend and I swap babysitting all the time.  Our kids get along (as much as kids this age can get along on a consistent basis- I’m not saying that no one ever whacks the other with a toy golf club), we live near each other (four minutes!), and we are very similar in attitude (in other words, I know if something wouldn’t bother me, it won’t bother her).  So we’ve always just swapped.  If she needs to go somewhere, her kids come here, and if I need to go somewhere, Elizabeth goes there.

Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have had a LOT of doctors’ appointments lately.  And now she is basically watching Elizabeth at least once a week, sometimes twice, for free.  And I can’t remember the last time I had her kids.  Not only does she babysit for free, but this morning, when I picked Elizabeth up?  She tried to give me cupcakes.  (I wasn’t going home for hours and couldn’t take them, so she mumbled something about bringing them to me later.)  (See, she’s too nice for her own good!) Sometimes I have lunch at her house before or after my appointments.  I’m serious, she is a good friend to have.  And no, you may not steal her from me.

So, to re-balance a little bit of my imbalance, I made an extra lasagna last night and basically threw it into her car this morning.  (If I had warned her in advance, she would have insisted that I not go to any trouble.)  (Besides, it is less than 5% more work to assemble two lasagnas instead of just one.)  This way she can have a night off from making dinner.  (Also, lasagna is delicious and my sauce recipe is particularly good.)  (At least I think so.)

And she reads here sometimes, so make sure you only say nice things about her in the comment section.  😉 Also, I would like to hear only nice things about my lasagna as well.