Office Time

I am bad at staying constantly caught up on my paperwork.  (And in paperwork, I include things like returning emails, paying bills, depositing checks, and just dealing with those random things that come up.)  So I am instituting a new household policy.  Every day, at around 3:30pm, I shall sit down and clear out that day’s pile.

Since it works so well with my housework (by which I mean getting the house into perfectly organized shape every day before bed so that I never have to do more than one day’s worth of work at a time), I am hoping it will work as well with my paperwork stuff.  Because right now, I have a pile on my desk that includes a claim to the travel insurance people for the trip we took at the beginning of JUNE and a warranty refund I need to hunt down for the car we sold.  And I don’t even remember when we sold it because it was a long time ago.  (Months, not years yet, but like 10-11 months or something like that.)

So obviously, something needs to be done.  I’m hoping this can be about a half an hour to forty-five minute portion of my day and become a routine.  (You know, just in time for all the routines to go absolutely out the window in a few months. Darn it.)