A Day in the Food Life of Jen and Elizabeth

A few weeks ago (ahem, I forgot until just now), I took pictures of all the meals Elizabeth and I ate that day.  Just for my own amusement.  And now, hopefully for your amusement.

Breakfast.  This is Elizabeth’s.  She had french toast sticks (I made her two pieces of french toast and then I just hack them into sticks with the spatula), cherries, a little bit of syrup, and some pink milk.  (Pink milk is achieved by putting a single drop of red food coloring into her regular milk.)

I had french toast, cherries, and regular milk.  I also had some butter and syrup on my french toast, but I just drizzled it on and didn’t need the little side cup.

Here is what I had left.  I also ate Elizabeth’s cherries because she decided she didn’t eat cherries that morning.  (I forget why (weeks ago), but I made a mistake with the first cherry I gave her when I was cooking.  It was too sour or too squishy or too something and it caused her to refuse to eat the rest.)

Here’s what Elizabeth had left.


Lunch was leftovers.  This was a Friday (I do remember that) and one of my goals on Friday is to have the whole fridge nice and cleaned out.  We, uh, tend to eat out a lot on the weekends and I grocery shop on Sunday morning, so we are pretty much done with the week’s food by Friday night.  So for lunch, I had a piece of quiche (ham and cheese), some pasta with some taco squish on top of it (taco squish was good in tacos earlier in the week, but it was NOT GOOD as leftovers), an apple, and some milk.

Elizabeth had some pasta, some of my apple, some pickles, some chicken from the taco squish (but I had to make it seem like just chicken, she doesn’t like things that are touching other things), and some more pink milk.

Here’s what was left from mine.  (Taco squish- NOT GOOD as leftovers.) And also, I don’t like quiche crust.

Here’s what was left from Elizabeth’s.  She will eat as many pickles as you will allow.  I had a playdate once and the kids cleaned me out of a whole jar of pickles.

I mentioned that this was a Friday, right?  We met Matt on his way home at our favorite Thai restaurant and had dinner out.  I ordered Pad See Ew and it was delicious.  (It also contained NO BUGS.)  (Okay, it’s been long enough that I have to explain this to new readers.  Once, when we lived in Florida, I found most of a cooked roach in my Thai leftovers.  The worst part was that the whole roach was no longer there.  We didn’t go back to that Thai restaurant and as it was the only one…no Thai for us until we moved here.)

Elizabeth ate the noodles and the egg and the chicken out of my meal, but I didn’t take a separate picture of her portion.

Here is what was left from mine.

And then, Matt and I ordered a Pad See Ew to go and split it as a bedtime snack.  Mmm, bug-free Thai.

And this concludes a reasonably typical day in our eating lives.