Friday Night Leftovers – Bonus Edition

  • I couldn’t figure out why my post from yesterday wasn’t getting any comments at all.  I mean, sometimes that happens, but I usually know why.  It turns out that it had been saved as draft instead of getting published.  So I published it this afternoon.
  • So this post is a bonus! You thought you already got to read me today but NOW THERE IS MORE.
  • I just got a Facetime call from my mom and my aunt.  They missed Elizabeth by a few minutes (I start taking her to bed around 6:45pm) (she doesn’t fall asleep for a long time after that, it takes her a while to wind down, the goal is to have her in bed by 7:00pm-7:15pm).  It was really odd. When they found out that Elizabeth was already in bed, they didn’t really talk long after that…I wonder why?
  • Elizabeth is pathetically whimpering “my Doda, my Doda” over the monitor.  Apparently, her doll is missing.
  • Okay, I told her I would bring Doda and she is now singing to her own hands while she waits.
  • Oh my goodness, she fell asleep.  (There was about a twenty minute time lapse between this sentence and the one before it. I was eating an ice cream cone. I can’t type with an ice cream cone.)
  • I am going to force myself to go to bed early tonight because I have been spending too much time late at night with Twitter being hilarious and entertaining and I am tired.
  • Okay, off for a thrilling Friday night of organizing baby clothes! Whoo!

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