A Haircut

Elizabeth has been having a hard time falling asleep lately.

Like instead of taking a half an hour to forty-five minutes to fall asleep like normal, it is now taking her two and a half hours.

So I decided to try something different and I’ve been lying down with her at bedtime to see if that helps.

You know how parents say that they fall asleep first when they do that with their kids?

Well. That could never happen with Elizabeth. She could wake a coma patient.

For example, when I lie down with her, I turn my back to her and position my arm to cover my neck.

You know. So she doesn’t crush my throat.

In a Mice and Men kind of way, of course. She attempts to crush my throat while giving me hugs.

I also told her that if she wanted me to stay, she had to be very still and very quiet.

So she pretended to give me a haircut.