In my quest to get a year’s worth of projects done before September 26th, I’ve been reorganizing the photo albums and getting all the pictures sorted and put away. (And man, do I hate this job. It is clear why my wedding scrapbook remains unfinished.)

Anyway, I used to save All The Pictures that we printed. And put them in an album. But this was back when I had a film camera, so only about half the pictures were any good. I recently (eh, at some point this year, I have been procrastinating this project because I dislike it so) decided that this was stupid and that there was no point to wasting space on a bad, blurry picture of myself. So I went through all the photo albums (and the random stack of loose pictures that I found tucked around the house) and took out all the ones that would never have been printed in the age of digital.

Then the really annoying part of the job began. I had two photo albums, that I made at separate times, but that the pictures overlapped in. So I took all the keep worthy pictures out and combined the two albums into one cohesive album. I complained about doing it the whole time on Twitter too.

(I also sorted and albumized all the professional pictures of Elizabeth that we’ve had done. But that was fun and easier, being that there were only three years of pictures instead of thirty one years worth of disorganized pictures.)

Here’s what I learned from this:

1. I hate printed pictures. (Unless they are big pictures for framing.)

2. I am never printing a big batch of random 4X6 prints again. (In my defense, I don’t think *I* had much to do with the two giant photo albums. They were from my childhood and from Matt’s, and that is just what you DID back then.)

3. Shutterfly (or equivalent) books are the way to go. I’ve done one for Elizabeth for each year and I am starting to do others too. (I just did our Disney vacations.)

4. It is virtually impossible to put landscape pictures with no people into chronological order.

5. It is impossible to put pictures of black cats into chronological order. They do not change, no matter if they are one or fifteen years old.

6. I had a lot of pictures from people who gave me pictures. I decided that I did not need to keep every single picture from a middle school friend’s trip to Ireland.

How about you? What are your feelings on pictures? Do you print and album? Scrapbook? (And if so, want to finish my wedding scrapbook for me? I’ve got four pages done. Been married nine years!) Keep everything digital? Some other option? How often do you take out pictures and look at them?