Diaper Bag Organization

Okay, I need some input here. I got a new and beautiful diaper bag a couple of months ago from my mother who somehow magically got a gift certificate to an online bag shop and split it between my sister and me. (And then I ordered a more expensive bag, told her I would mail her a check for the extra money and she said “oh, don’t worry about it.” She’s a nice mom.)

Anyway, I need a way to keep this diaper bag organized. With just Elizabeth’s stuff in it, it can all be kind of shoved in there and I can just rummage when we need something because honestly, we only really need a diaper bag for about one out of every three outings and even then, we are mostly just using wipes to clean sticky fingers. But when the New One arrives, I shall need a proper diaper bag and I will need to have it organized and accessible because I will actually be using it.

So what are your fabulous bag organizing ideas? What have you found that works really well for you and what doesn’t work at all?