Well, my blog spent about three days being broken! It was terrible and I nearly died.  Okay, that is a rather large exaggeration.  But I did have a little bit of panic about whether or not I would be able to get it fixed!

So. Back. It would be nice if I had something interesting to say, but we’ve been tremendously overscheduled lately and I am tired. We had three (THREE) playdates yesterday.  And today, Elizabeth had a dentist appointment (that’s what I ought to write about actually, maybe tomorrow) and I had a doctor’s appointment so that took up all of the day.

Instead, I am going to copy and paste what I had half written on Saturday when the blog went down.

  • Does anyone have: a newborn sized black onesie, preferably long sleeved; a size 4 red leotard, preferably long sleeved; or ladybug rain boots that are looking for a new home? Elizabeth has decided that she shall be Ladybug Girl for Halloween this year. I can find all these things on Amazon, but if I bought them new, it would be like $70. And no. So I thought I’d check the lovely internet for hand-me-downs first.
  • My to do list is finally getting shorter. I kept adding things to it, but it looks like I am approaching the end. Go, me.

Oh good grief.  Did I say half written? That’s abominable.  Ignore this post completely.  Unless you have hand me downs for my Halloween costume needs.  Then answer that part.