Dentist Girl

Before we start this, let’s all go back and read about her last dentist visit, shall we?

Well, this visit was a total 180.  She was compliant and well behaved and brave.

She had X-rays.

She actually did better at X-rays than I normally do.  (I have a really strong gag reflex and I normally end up unintentionally spitting out at least one of the X-ray plates and have to have it done again.)  (Of course, they only did two on her and only her front teeth.)

After the X-rays, she hopped down from the chair and informed the tech “that didn’t hurt at all!”

She opened her mouth willingly! For a stranger she had never met! For a strange MAN she had never met!  (Elizabeth warms up to women much faster.)  She doesn’t even open her mouth this well for me to brush her teeth every night.

She allowed him to do every single part of the cleaning.  Every single part.  The only part she had a problem with was the fluoride treatment and that is because it was a foam that he shoved around her mouth with his finger and she was gagging on it and frankly, I don’t blame her. You wouldn’t do that to an adult.

She thought the chair that went up and down was very cool and she liked wearing their sunglasses.  (We brought her Ariel sunglasses with us, but she preferred theirs with the stripes.)

And when we were done, they gave her a bag of prizes! And they were a TOOTHBRUSH! WITH PRINCESSES! And a FLOSSER! (This is her favorite one. I do not know why.) And a tube of BABY TOOTHPASTE! (It is a baby toothpaste because it is smaller than a whole tube of toothpaste, duh.) And a STICKER.  WHOA.

She walked around the whole waiting room and showed every kid there her toothbrush and flosser.

Then she gave me her sticker for “helping me be brave, Mama!”  So I died of cuteness.  Then she took the sticker away from me, stuck it on my stomach, and gave it to baby brother.  So I died again.

(Picture is of my new Dora sticker and Elizabeth insisted on her precious flosser getting its picture taken too.)

All the credit for this excellent visit goes to Doc McStuffins and the dentist episode and the fact that I had a set of Doc McStuffins tools in the car that I told her she could choose one from if she didn’t cry.