Friday Night Leftovers – Anti Germ Edition

  • OH HEAVENS AND GOOD GRIEF AND NOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Matt came home from work yesterday not feeling well, woke up sick (I slept in the guest room as a precaution), and then Elizabeth woke up with a cough.  Curse you, germs, and get out of my house.
  • Did I mention that we are getting a new baby in a little more than a week and a half?  GO AWAY GERMS.
  • I had a bunch of stuff that I was going to do today but I canceled it all so that we could stay home. In the hopes that Elizabeth will get better and I will not get sick at all.
  • I already cleaned out the linen closet (it was pretty clean, it only needed a little reorganizing) and set up the pack and play in our room.
  • When I talk about how much I still have to do before the baby is born, everyone always says “oh, babies don’t really need much!”  And I am like “I KNOW, ALL THIS STUFF IS FOR THE REST OF US.”  (Still on list: finish Halloween costumes, get Matt’s chair repaired, get my car’s brake pads replaced… See? No baby stuff.)
  • I’m not nesting, I swear. (Though I did find this post really interesting, when some of you said that you really did experience hormonally driven nesting.) I am forcing myself to do these things. I’d rather be on the couch with a magazine and some nice brownies.
  • I am, however, doing a little online ordering of fancy baby carriers.  (Baby K’Tan, on the way!)  Since Matt and I share an Amazon Prime account, Amazon emails him whenever I order anything.  So he calls me from work to tease me.
  • I allllmost just ordered a Beco carrier too.  Maybe I will wait until tomorrow.  (But it’s sooo pretty!)
  • And my cloth diapers came yesterday.  I don’t have little tiny diapers (yet), but I am getting reasonably close to having enough bigger diapers. And, yes, that is backwards, since the baby starts out tiny. Time to shop!  (And I still need to buy Matt the Batman diaper.  He neeeeeeeds the Batman diaper.) (Not really. Matt doesn’t care about diapers at all. But I know he will like the Batman diaper.)
  • NOOOOOOOO.  I am starting to feel more tired than I ought to. I am going to lie on the couch right now. GO AWAY GERMS.

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