Cute Baby Saturday – Two Kids Edition

For the last year or so, I have been telling Elizabeth that those carts at Target with the bench seats are for people who have two kids with them. For two reasons- to leave them available for the people who actually do have two kids with them and need them, and because they are harder to push and annoying. She’s ridden in them occasionally when we’ve shopped with friends, but for the most part, I avoid them.

Well, this morning, we took a little family trip to Target (for new nursing bras and I treated myself to a new nursing tank) (and it’s purple and has lace and apparently my excitement threshold is easy to reach now if I am this pleased with a nursing tank). As we walked up to Target through the parking lot, Elizabeth started talking about how she was going to ride in the car cart. You know, because baby brother is here now so now we have two kids.


Baby brother actually rode in the K’Tan, not the car cart, being only ten days old.