We Left The House!

This morning, I took two whole children to Walmart all by myself. And we all came home in one piece! That’s right, folks, clearly I am a superior parent.

Actually, it was the calmest, easiest grocery shopping trip with kid(s) that I have ever taken. I wore Ryan in my Gemini carrier and he slept the whole time. And Elizabeth was on her super amazing best behavior, probably because she was thrilled to get some alone time with Mama.

On the way. (We keep car toys in the pumpkin year round. Best car toy storage I’ve found.)

Obviously the baby is wearing a pumpkin hat. What kind of person would I be if I did not take advantage of the upcoming holidays?

Dibits is super cool.


I forget why I took this picture. But I do remember that I took it for a specific reason because there was something I was going to tell the internet. So you will look at the picture anyway, darn it!

Unrelated story: when the relatives left tonight, I saw the playroom was like this. The explanation was “Elizabeth didn’t want to clean up, so we didn’t.” Yeah. She’s three. That’s why we don’t let her vote on whether or not we clean up.