Cute Baby Saturday – Comparison Edition

Shall we compare some photographs of Elizabeth and Ryan having their first baths?

First, a moment of silence for my beautiful countertops that we have moved away from.

Good grief, look at the cheeks on this girl. (This is actually her second bath.)

And the newer version of baby.

(He was angry about the first bath. He found the second bath to be much more awesome, but I have no pictures of that since I was washing both children by myself and there just aren’t any hands for picture taken when you are doing that.)

Yes, it’s the same towel.

He looks so much smaller than Elizabeth.  But, he is. At this point of his life, Elizabeth hadn’t even been born yet. So at the same age, she’s actually three weeks older.  Technically, he’s larger than she was percentage-wise, just got evicted sooner. He was born at 39 weeks exactly, and she was born at 41.6.  He will reach her birth day in three more days.  After that, I expect him to start working on developing the cheeks.