Trin dog was not entirely thrilled about having children added to her life. Trin really likes kids so we thought she would be totally cool when we had a baby. But it turned out that Trin only likes KIDS- she tolerates babies and flat out dislikes toddlers and preschoolers. (Sorry, Trin!) So she’s spent a good amount of the last four years staying away from Elizabeth. It was kind of Trin’s full time job for a while- Avoiding That Baby. We’ve kept all the baby gates up in our house to help Trin out with that (and we do not leave children and dogs together unsupervised regardless).

Anyway, Elizabeth is finally, according to Trin dog, reaching the kid stage. She isn’t scary and annoying any longer and she’s carefully being trained in important Trin tasks such as neck scratching and belly rubbing. And Trin is down with that. So Trin and Elizabeth have finally reached an agreement and Trin’s life can FINALLY go back to the way it was before.

So Trin is now leading the good life. For another week or two, until this one learns to crawl.