Cruise- Day Two

We started the day with room service doughnuts. (You can see Alex’s bed as a bed and not a couch here. Bedrail is optional.)

Then we went to the Disney Junior breakfast. (No additional cost for it but you did need advance reservations.)

Elizabeth was the only one willing to pose with Doc McStuffins, I don’t know why. (Well, Alex doesn’t watch the show and Ryan avoids pictures whenever he can see a good reason. That’s why.)

We had room service for lunch and I got this cheese plate.

Alex likes room service.

Anna and Elsa meet and greet. Again, no extra cost but does require an advance ticket.

Seriously, the virtual porthole was one of my favorite things about the cruise. It was a live view out of a real porthole but sometimes a Disney character would come by. Way better than a real porthole.

Alex had Bippity Boppity Boutique reservation this day. (This does have an extra cost. We brought our own dress and got the cheapest package. Still not cheap.) She wanted to do it SO BADLY but it was also really hard for her because stranger and stranger touching her and having her hair touched (she doesn’t even like ME to brush her hair) and etc.

So she had this barely hanging on face for the entire time.

Then she saw herself in the mirror and was immediately happy.

Look at her posing with her little foot.

Then it was formal night for dinner. (Look for this night’s professional pictures on next year’s Christmas card.)

Elizabeth ate off the adult menu the entire trip. She ate A LOT of filet mignon. This is lobster ravioli. She kind of liked it.

We have Ryan wear his Captain Mickey outfit whenever possible.

Again, the virtual porthole is my favorite. Fireworks at night! And it can be turned off with a switch when I am ready to sleep.