Cruise- Day Three

For every meal, Alex requested scrambled eggs. For every breakfast, we let her have them and she ate a LOT of scrambled eggs.

Ryan generally had chocolate doughnuts for breakfast.

Alex was old enough for the kids club on this trip (ages are 3-11) but she wasn’t thrilled with the lack of mamas and dadas in there. Her particular sister and brother helped towards making it palatable but she mostly stayed less than a half hour before having us texted to pick her up. She also didn’t go every day. I think she went about four times over the seven days.

Anyway, they had open house for toddlers and their families sometimes and she really liked that because mamas and dadas are required to also attend. She likes her mama and dada, you know.

The ship had the “Midship Detective Agency” which the kids could do at any time. You went around the ship and found interactive pictures and solved “The Case of the Missing Puppies” (someone stole the 101 Dalmatians!), “The Case of the Stolen Art” (or something like that), and “The Case of the Stolen Props” (with the MUPPETS!)

Look how cute these children are.

Our vacation policy on feeding children is mostly a hands off, “I don’t care, what do you WANT to eat?” policy. We require actual food before desserts but that’s about it and we are fairly loose in our definition of actual food. Alex mostly ate butter at some meals.

At this lunch, she was so delighted to discover that the bread basket looked like Cinderella’s carriage that she ate her entire meal out of it. The fabulous wait staff brought us a second bread basket when it was time to actually have bread.

Alex got to keep her makeup palate after her Bippity Boppity Boutique appointment and she spent quite a lot of time carefully makeuping her face. When she got back from the kids club, Elizabeth came over to me and whispered “what happened to Squish’s face?”

It was pirate night this night. We went as pirates to dinner and then it was the pirate party on deck. Alex and Matt stayed back for bedtime and Elizabeth and Ryan went up to the top deck with me and danced the night away.