Happy 40th Birthday

I had a dentist appointment this morning and of course Alex had to go with me because she always has to go with me. I took her iPad and she sat on a chair next to me for the hour appointment and didn’t move basically the whole time. She behaves extremely well at my appointments because she doesn’t enjoy adults unless she already knows them. So she’s not talking to them, not messing with stuff because she doesn’t want them to notice her, etc.

After my appointment, we were checking out and it was the receptionist’s birthday. Someone had put balloons all over his desk and on the wall behind him. He asked if Alex could have one and I said sure so he pulled one down and gave it to her.

So to recap: not her appointment, not her birthday, not even her dentist. She ended up with a free toothbrush and a balloon wishing her a happy 40th.