Alex was up a few times last night and then got up for good a little before six this morning (which Elizabeth helpfully pointed out to me later “felt like it was before five!”) She kept drinking water in a panicked way and then all of a sudden she was throwing up all over the kitchen floor.

This is a thing my kids do. We generally do not get stomach viruses. We’ve only had one that I can remember. (Ryan and I got it last year and even then, we each only threw up twice or so.) But when my kids get sick with a virus, they throw up once at the beginning of the illness, within a few hours of starting the fever, and then they run a normal fever/cough/flu/justavirus with no more throwing up.

So random fevers make my kids throw up, but only once, and besides that, they have excellent stomachs. And the kitchen floor is a wonderful place to throw up, if you are three and going to do it. It is way better than your car seat while going 75 miles per hour down the highway halfway through a three hour drive. Not that Alex did that the last time she got a fever or anything.