Dryer Update

Well, being mad about my broken dryer and angrily looking around for the cheapest dryer possible and refusing to buy the standard cheap dryer at all the stores WORKED.

I knew I was eventually going to have to buy a new dryer but I was mad that all the dryers in the stores were so much more than the google price online. So I just kept not buying one.

And then Matt and I were out doing errands and we drove by a store that we’d never seen before (we were waaaay away from home) and Matt said “hey, did that say Best Buy outlet?”

And it did! And I went in and it was an entire Best Buy with wall to wall washers and dryers. There was a tiny TV section and a slightly larger refrigerator and stove section but almost the entire huge Best Buy was filled with open box washers and dryers. So I found the same cheap dryer that all the stores had except that it was $150 cheaper. We slapped a sold tag on it (I beat some other people by about three minutes- the salesman asked if we really wanted it because if not, they did) and then loaded it in the back of the minivan and drove it home ourselves. We saved $150 on the dryer, $70 on the delivery fee, $30 on the vent kit (used the old one), and $28 on the plug.

Re: the plug. Dryers don’t come with plugs since 2000, who knew? Anyway, I took apart our old dryer and rewired the old plug into the new dryer. And now I have a working dryer and have been coasting on my cheap as hell dryer high since Friday.

Wall to wall dryers. And some random people. Hi, random people.
Alex was suspicious about all of this.
This is the rewiring I did.
And now I have a dryer again!