Little Good Things

It was a rough night here (children) so I’m going to share some good things.

  • Matt sent me sushi and stir fried udon from my favorite restaurant (he’s at work) because he felt that I needed a treat.
  • Ryan leaves me notes by my bed almost every night. They usually say “I Luv Mom Luv Ryan” and such things. Tonight I got five hearts that he cut out, colored, and stapled into a book.
  • The second heart in my book was colored with crayon, not marker, because “I had to make it blue and robin’s egg blue is the best blue.”
  • He used the scented markers for all the other hearts because obviously those are the best.
  • My baby nieces are coming to visit in two weeks.
  • I finally got the house cleaned up again after fighting it for five days after getting off schedule.
  • We got Christmas pictures taken of the kids already and in the sneak peeks I’ve seen so far, they look like they are going to be great.
  • I went to bed early tonight and 2/3rds of the children fell asleep without a fuss tonight.
Heart book by Ryan