Room Sharing

Alex suddenly stopped sucking her thumb a few months ago. She’s sucked her thumb since she was born but only when she was falling asleep or when she was upset about something. Her dentist said he couldn’t even tell she sucked her thumb by looking at her mouth so as far as I was concerned, she could continue forever.

Well, she got a cut on her thumb and then another a few weeks later and apparently that was it. She was done. Which would have been a great way to stop a habit, right? Except that she also stopped sleeping.

Suddenly she was taking two or three hours to fall asleep every night and she was waking up repeatedly during the night. She wasn’t usually just lying there quietly either. She was spending these hours screaming and crying.

Eventually I moved her to the tiny bed in my room and just let her sleep with me. This helped immensely except that my alarm in the morning woke her up. I started putting her to bed an hour earlier to compensate for the fact that she was getting up an hour earlier than she used to. All of this finally got her back to the base level of behavior that we were used to. (Squish is never particularly calm because she doesn’t have that kind of personality but at least she was only yelling at us some of the time again instead of all of them time like she was when she was over tired.)

So now she sleeps in my room. We’ve adapted to each other enough that it’s working. (She no longer wakes up yelling for me to turn the lights on in the middle of the night any more, for example.) She wakes up earlier than I do on the weekends and stays quiet enough for another hour or so.

She also really, really likes sleeping in my room. When she’s awake and I’m in the room with her, she just lies there and grins happily at me. Whenever I get out of bed, she runs around to my side of the bed and arranges my slippers for me. She also whispers “night night, Mama!” in her happiest little voice. It’s not the worst.