Quarantine Bullet Points

  • Well. This is something, isn’t it?
  • I am really glad we moved before this all happened.
  • But I wish we’d moved a lot longer before this all happened. (We got into our new house about a week before everything shut down.) There are still boxes and work and organizing that needs to be done here and that makes me unsettled. I don’t need anything else unsettling.
  • I’ve been making masks for family and friends which means my neck and shoulders and back always hurt.
  • I’m pretty much out of fabric that’s big enough.
  • Ryan loves sheltering in place. He could do this forever.
  • Elizabeth needs to see some other people soon because she’s losing it.
  • Elizabeth is also not sleeping. She’s been up past midnight every night.
  • Alex is fine with all this, her life has barely changed.
  • Matt has to go to work sometimes but he’s doing all the calls and computer parts of his job from home.
  • I’m really enjoying the lazy mornings and not getting out of bed immediately parts of this.
  • I’m not enjoying the constant worry about everyone I know dying.
  • Will this be the first time I actually finish setting up a house, putting everything away, and hanging all the pictures before anyone sees it? (Not at the rate I am going, but we will see.)
  • I highly dislike the unknown. I like having a plan.

How are all of you? I have definitely been worrying about all of you.