Things That Have Been Useful in this Pandemic

  • Liquid bandage- You know when you have a tiny cut on your hands and it stings whenever you wash them? You know when there’s a pandemic and you have to wash your hands every fifteen seconds? Yeah. Anyway, liquid bandage seals up those cuts so they don’t hurt for another day or two at which time you seal them up again. You want the kind with the brush, not the spray. (You want the spray for when your kids skin their knees.)
  • Wet bags. These are clutch for storing your mask supplies if you leave the house. Washable and waterproof.
  • Candy. Lots of candy. I recommend Toffifay.
  • Hooks. By your front door and by the door you come in normally if they are different doors. Hang your masks on them. Most of them go by the door where you leave and one or two by the front door so you can grab one to answer the door.
  • Individually wrapped disposable masks. Hang a few on one of those hooks by your front door. Then practice saying “here, I have a spare mask for you since you forgot yours.” Then if anyone shows up without one, you are ready. (Perhaps this isn’t a problem for you but my air conditioner has been leaking into the wall for four months and I’ve had a LOT of repair people at my house this month.)
  • A calendar. Write all your contact tracing on it in case you need it later. I’ve been doing this since about two weeks since this began and I hope to never need it.