Natural Hair Care

I used to have frizzy hair.  But, ladies and gentlemen, I have TAMED it.  And let me tell you how.  (I mean, obviously I am going to tell you how, or why would I have brought it up, that would just be mean.)

First a pop quiz:  You are going to a gala event on Friday night.  When do you wash your hair so that it will look the best it possibly can?

A)  Friday afternoon

B)  Thursday night

C)  Like Tuesday-ish

I have always been a Tuesday-ish person.  My hair looks WAY better when it is not freshly washed.  When I wash it every day, I become a ball of fuzz.  I have always thought that there must be SOME way out there to turn hair like mine (naturally wavy, but in a disorganized kind of fashion) into nice hair.  Why did I think this?  Because you never see celebrities or rich people with fuzzy hair.  So I bought fancy shampoo, conditioner, and two different bottles of fancy hair stuff that you put on after the shampoo and conditioner.  That helped a little.

But then my hormones changed and I ended up with dandruff, which I had never had before.  Plus, I have really been trying to cut out all the chemicals and artificial stuff that we use on a daily basis.  So I looked at natural options.  And (drumroll, please!) my new hair care products are:


Yep, I now wash my hair using only water.  And TA DA, my hair gets perfectly clean and is no longer fuzzy and ridiculous.  (I was going to take a picture so that you could see that my head is not disgusting, but I am too lazy to figure out how to take a picture of my own head.)  By using only water, I am only removing the dirt and gross stuff and leaving the natural oils that are SUPPOSED to be on my head.  (And no, my hair doesn’t get oily and gross like you would think.)  My hair feels a little different and that took getting used to, but it is so much nicer.

But, if you have a head that is not as dry and oil free as mine (in other words, if you answered A to the pop quiz question above), you might need another option.  In that case, you will need a box of baking soda and a bottle of apple cider vinegar.  I have road tested this for all of you lovely blog people.  I rubbed the baking soda into my hair (I took a little bowl of it in the shower with me and just scooped some out) and used that as shampoo.  It took everything out of my hair, just like shampoo used to.  And then I used the vinegar as a rinse/conditioner.  (Warning: any open cuts and such- ouch, prepare yourself.)  My hair was significantly softer with vinegar than it has ever been with conditioner.

Baking soda and vinegar stripped all the oils out of my hair and left me frizzy again, so that will not be my normal choice.  I’ve heard that both these options normally have a bit of a transition period, so you might not want to start this right before you go to your gala event.  (Your hair is used to having all the oil stripped out of it by shampoo, so it works hard to replace it.  So, your scalp will take a week or two to stop over-producing oil when it realizes that you are not removing ALL of the oil.)

I dropped shampoo and conditioner months ago (Barb and Maresi have both seen me since then and can report that I was not disgusting, at least I hope they can) and my hair is SO much healthier.  When I wash my hair, I don’t lose handfuls of hair at a time.  My hair is softer, stronger, and prettier.  It is growing at a tremendous rate.  And all those annoying postpartum hair loss regrown short hairs no longer stick out around my face.  I don’t need hair gel or hairspray anymore because my hair looks good without it.  Flat-ironing my hair is easier and looks significantly better too.  (It used to just kind of cut down on the frizz, now it totally eliminates all of it.)

Now, for those of you who didn’t immediately close the website and yell “ew!”, what do you think?  Is it something you’d try for yourself?