Friday Night Leftovers

Danifred is doing Friday Night Leftovers this week.  I suspect it is because I called her names last week.  So you all know who to thank!

  • We have had an incredibly busy last couple of days.  And yet, we haven’t really done anything out of the ordinary.
  • I have company coming tonight, so I have to go grocery shopping as soon as the baby wakes up.  Then we have to come home, vacuum, and start cooking dinner.
  • These are thrilling bullet points here.
  • Argh, the baby woke up at that very second.  Let’s see how fast I can type.
  • And now I can’t think of anything.
  • And now she’s starting to cry.
  • I think tuxedo onesies are now my best seller in my Etsy shop.  I thought it was going to be initial onesies.
  • I am about to add embroidery to my shop, in t-shirts size 12 months and larger.  I made a really cute “Elizabeth” shirt already.  Anyone want to get in on purchasing the discounted prototypes?  (By which I mean I’ll make what you want, take pictures of them, and use them in my ad.)
  • I was going to make some Team Edward/Team Jacob toddler t-shirts for sale, but I don’t understand this whole Twilight thing and I am afraid of getting stuck with them if no one bought them.
  • Lest you think I am mean, the baby isn’t REALLY crying.  She’s just kind of whining a little.  And she has two baby dolls to keep her company.
  • Oh, yeah.  The poor rabbit.  How old would you think a kid would be before he or she (but it was a she) should recognize that a rabbit is dead and not at all sleeping?  We were at the “petting zoo” (in quotes because it is quite lame, but very exciting if you are one and it is not really a petting zoo, just some random animals in pens by the side of the road) and one of the rabbits had gotten its head stuck in the fence.  I went and told the guy at the museum desk (the “zoo” is on state property and there is a tiny gold museum near it) and he came out and removed the poor rabbit.  A girl who was probably ten watched him do it and asked what he was doing.  He told her the rabbit wasn’t feeling well (there were lots of little kids around) and he was taking it away.  She petted the dead rabbit and didn’t realize it was dead.  I think I would have noticed at ten.  Yes?  (And no, she wasn’t pretending for the sake of the little kids.)

Go read the rest of the Leftovers and join in!  Let’s give some life to this Friday, as Fridays are always boring online.