New Laptop

I got a new laptop and I have no idea how to work it.  Okay, that’s not true, I can kind of work it.  But things are definitely weird.

So, while I attempt to figure it out, here is a video of us pretending that Elizabeth is a dog and teaching her to play fetch.  She likes fetch.

Oh yeah.  And around 29 seconds in or something, you hear me say “that’s okay, she liked it” in response to a question Matt asked me.  But I don’t think you can hear the original question.  And since it is so highly amusing to me, let me transcribe it for you: “Did I just hit her in the face with the ball?”

And who knows how to get those fancy tabs up there at the top?  I made a new page, like I said I was going to do yesterday (was that yesterday?  I forget) and the tab didn’t magically appear like I hoped it would.  (Yes, I confess, Cali my personal website designer put all those other pretty ones up there for me.  Like the laptop, I am still not very good at knowing how to work this website either.  But I’ll learn, I promise.)