Tooth Soap

Picture from Rose of Sharon Acres

Quite a while ago, I mentioned that I was buying a sample size of tooth soap to try it out.  Well, it turned out that I loved it.  Then my sample size ran out (but instead of the week that the box promised me, it last like a month or two) and we moved and I got all busy.

But then, I motivated myself and ordered some more.  And in extra exciting news, the company came out with a new kind while I was procrastinating, so I ordered that to try it.

The original sample size that I ordered were tooth chips.  They were basically little shavings of bar soap (but bar soap that was designed especially for teeth, not just regular soap).  They worked really well.  They were a little bit difficult to use because you only need a tiny smidge and you kind of had to bite down on it in order not to lose that tiny smidge in your mouth before you got it lathered up.

So when I saw that they came out with liquid tooth soap that you squirt right on your toothbrush, I was sold.  I ordered up a bottle of that.  Now I shall present you with a pro/con list of tooth soap.


  • Your mouth has never been clean before and now it will be.  (And you never knew it until you tried this.  Seriously, the first time I brushed my teeth with tooth soap, I was astounded at the cleanliness of my mouth.  Clean enough to eat off of, people, I am not kidding.)  (Well, yes, I am kidding.  But that is because I am funny.)
  • Gentler on your mouth.  Toothpaste burns.  Again, I was used to it and I didn’t realize it until I switched back.
  • My gums never bleed anymore.
  • I no longer get that little line of tarter looking stuff on the top of my teeth.  I am totally serious, CLEANER MOUTH.
  • No more morning breath.  I used to brush my teeth in the middle of the night when I went to the bathroom, but now I don’t have to.  My mouth is still clean in the morning.
  • No more canker sores.  I am seriously prone to canker sores.  My whole family is.  Now I don’t get them anymore.
  • Brushing is more fun.  I know this sounds bizarre, but it lathers up really nicely and there is something satisfying about using it.
  • Fewer chemicals, better for you, all that stuff, etc.
  • Did I mention that your mouth will be totally clean?


  • It tastes like soap.  It’s a mild soap taste, but still it tastes like soap.  I hold my tongue out of the way until the end (when I brush it) and then rinse my mouth out.  It’s not so bad.  I don’t really taste it in my mouth anyway, it’s more like at the back of my nose.  (It also helps to drink a little water right after brushing.  I take my vitamin and that does it.)  But it does taste like soap and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend switching when you are in the morning sickness portion of pregnancy or anything.

Anyway, I am a convert.  I use it on Elizabeth’s teeth.  (Okay, I TRY to use it on Elizabeth’s teeth.  She mostly likes to bite the toothbrush.)

I ordered mine from Rose of Sharon Acres.  Here’s the link to the one I got (and obviously, I got the peppermint).  I don’t remember if I got the two ounce or the four ounce (and yes, I could go upstairs to look, but I am lazy) but it lasts forever.  You only need one drop and you can’t even tell that my bottle has been used yet.

Have you ever tried tooth soap?  Are you planning to?  Did I convince you?  Do you think I am crazy?