Cloth Diaper Frequently Asked Questions

My goodness, it has been ten million years since I promised this post and then failed to deliver on it.

Jill asked: Do you just bring that one diaper with you on a normal outing? If you are out all day how many do you bring with you? Do you have some kind of hour to diaper formula you use or do you just grab a whole bunch? Also, if you are not someplace with an easy access garbage can, what do you do with the disposable wipes?

Good questions, Jill! Yes, on a normal outing (grocery store, errands, etc.) I just bring the one diaper. If we are going out for most of the day, I bring three to four extra diapers. I kind of think about when I will change her. So if we are going to a theme park, I think, “okay, so I’ll change her when we get there, when we leave, and probably once more in the middle.” So I bring three diapers for that, plus one extra for just-in-case. Now that Elizabeth is bigger, I no longer even bring the diaper bag with me on short errands like the grocery store. I know! Living dangerously! But she is a very predictable baby and no longer poops (ever) when we are not at our house. (One exception- one time, at Barb’s house. But Elizabeth apparently considers that our home away from home.)

And since I wrote that post, I’ve switched to cloth wipes when out, so I no longer have to worry about disposable wipes, I just throw the cloth ones in with the diapers. But when I did, that actually never was a problem. I do have a balled up plastic bag in the diaper bag just in case though.

Beth asked: perhaps you could use that handy bottle pouch for the spray bottle for cloth wipes?

Genius, Beth! Simply genius. And I did this, immediately upon your advice. Then, later, I got one of those little wipe boxes and started pre-wetting the wipes when I go out.

Barb asked: I still want to know how much your water & electricity bills went up with the cloth diaper washing. We need to figure that in.

Um, well. I am not particularly sure. See, all our bills went up when Elizabeth was born, before we started with the cloth diapers. Then they kind of leveled off again, when we got on better schedules and weren’t staying up all night and doing loads of laundry every day. Now, they are comparable to what they were before cloth diapering. So, um, they didn’t? Which is weird, as I am sure they did, but I think I’ve adjusted other parts of our energy use to compensate.

Okay, that is all the questions I could find, being that it has been ten million years since I started this. How about now? I am going to do a Cloth Diapering With Solid Foods post next. Tomorrow, I swear. 🙂