Kelly' Closet

Elizabeth and I are going on a trip soon to Ohio, to visit my mom’s side of the family. To prepare for this trip, I went and bought some disposable diaper inserts for our Flip diapers, so that I don’t have to wash diapers while we are traveling. I was planning on buying the usual disposable Flip inserts from the Cotton Babies website. But when I went online, they were out of stock. I called and discovered they were in the process of being redesigned and wouldn’t be available for weeks. So I had to pick a different option.

I went on Twitter and asked if anyone had tried G-diapers or GroVia. Amanda told me that she’s tried the Gro-Via and likes them. But then I discovered that the inserts for the G-diapers are flushable. And since we are staying at my uncle’s house and he’s kid (and spouse) free and likes things clean, flushable diapers sounded like a good idea.

So I ordered up a pack of g-diaper disposable inserts from Kelly’s Closet. Then I start doing math in my head, trying to decide if one pack is enough for the whole trip. While I am deciding, I do a little searching for a Kelly’s Closet coupon. I discover one that says if I spend $30, I get a free one-size diaper. Whoo! My decision is made- two packs of inserts. Now I don’t have to be stingy with diapers (which you really can’t anyway). I place my order for two packs of inserts and include a little note saying that Elizabeth is a girl and we’ve already got the BG3.0 diapers, in case that helps them make their decision when picking out my free diaper.

My order arrived today, in plenty of time for the trip. (I don’t remember when we leave, but it isn’t this week. Next Wednesday or Thursday?) First of all, I get the box off the front porch and wonder who mailed me something in a used case-of-Tylenol box. Then I realize it is my diaper inserts. I was actually really pleased that Kelly’s Closet used a recycled box to mail my order. Reduce/reuse and all that, plus if they aren’t buying boxes, they can keep their prices down which directly benefits me!

I opened up the box and discovered my inserts and my free diaper! A purple diaper! Oh, how I have coveted a purple diaper!

Plus, it is a FuzziBunz, which is one of the really popular brands that I have never tried. (Expect a FuzziBunz review in the upcoming days who am I kidding weeks.) It’s also all new and shiny, which is really exciting because at a year and a half old, my BumGenius diapers aren’t quite as shiny anymore. And did I mention it is bright purple? I am actually wondering (even though I doubt they are THAT good) if Kelly’s Closet sent it on purpose. I enter a lot of their diaper giveaways (one of which I actually just WON!) and when they ask about colors, I always say red and/or purple because those are the two colors I really feel are missing from the BumGenius line. I doubt that the Kelly’s Closet staff actually remembered my answers and were able to put my ordering name together with my online name (okay, so it is practically impossible) but since they picked out the perfect diaper for me, I am going to pretend that they did it on purpose.