Vacation Cloth Diapering

We have now tried a bunch of different diapering methods while we have been on vacation. At first, we did disposables. I don’t like disposables. (No offense to you, of course.) They leak, they smell funny, Elizabeth gets rashy, and I have to find somewhere to throw them away (in other words, our whole hotel room smells like diaper). Our next vacation, I tried disposables with an empty cloth shell over them. That fixed the leaking problem, but the rest of the problems were still problems.

Then I took our whole cloth diaper stash on a beach vacation with us. Eh. It was a short trip, so I ended up washing out a few diapers by hand but mostly just taking them home to wash. Also, not an ideal solution. Washing diapers by hand in a hotel sink is not the same as a washing machine. They do not get as clean. (And I know people do wash diapers by hand, but I assume there is a bit of learning curve in there. In a four day vacation, I did not figure it out.)

When I visited my parents, I took the diapers with me and just went on as normal. I used a few disposables so that we didn’t have to pack dirty diapers to take with us (on the way there or the way home) but mostly just went on as usual. Also, this is an “eh” solution. Diapers take up a lot of room in the suitcase and then without my system set up (no diaper pail, etc.) and also, being on vacation, it was less convenient to stick to a washing cycle.

On our most recent trip, I totally got the system down. I have figured it out! A hybrid diaper system is the answer! There are several name brand ones, we have Flip by BumGenius. G Diapers is probably the most well known hybrid system. A hybrid system involves a diaper cover or shell and then different kinds of inserts. There are cloth inserts and a disposable option.

So, we used the Flip covers, but when I tried to order the Flip disposable inserts, they were out of stock for redesigning. So I bought gDiaper inserts instead (from Kelly’s Closet). They worked great! The Flip inserts I’ve used in the past were too small and I always ended up using two each time I diapered her. (They have since released the redesigned Flip disposable inserts and they are much larger than the first version, but I haven’t tried them yet.) The gDiaper inserts were also flushable, which was really handy. (It solves the problem of having a bag of dirty diapers around.) We only have two Flip covers, so I wiped off or rinsed each one between changes. It would be nice to have another cover or two, but they dry really fast so luckily we never found ourselves without a cover. (Note, I said luckily. A third or fourth cover would have been nice for back-up.) I used disposable wipes, next time I’d like to try for flushable wipes too, but just regular trash worked fine.

You can end up with poop on the cover because the liners do bunch up, but I found that since we were out of our house, Elizabeth was always within feet of me, so I caught diaper changes pretty fast. Most times, we didn’t get poop on the cover and when we did, I was able to wipe it off with a wipe. When we are at home, sometimes I am not so fast with the changes (she’s a better hider at home) and if she sits down or something, a cover can need washing before it is worn again. (Like I said, it would be nice to have a third or fourth cover.) I was at a relative’s house, so if I had needed to throw a cover in the washing machine or dryer, I could have.

I washed out whichever cover she wasn’t wearing at night with a little soap and just hung them over the shower curtain in the bathroom. They stayed nice and clean the entire time. The gDiaper refills were much smaller to pack and travel with than a whole bunch of cloth diapers or even a pack of disposable diapers. The main drawback is that hybrid diaper refills have to be ordered online (well, there are some stores that sell them, but they aren’t generally available) so I took more than I needed so that I wouldn’t run out. (It would have been nice to pack a little lighter and be able to restock if necessary, but honestly, not a huge deal.)

Plus, look how cute!

(I know, I used this picture before. So sue me. It was the only trip picture I ended up getting with her in her Flip.)