A Message to Bedtime

Elizabeth has a message for all people who want her to go to bed.


Why, yes, she did color her middle finger purple.  And she had absolutely no idea why Mama kept snickering and asking her to show it to the camera.

It actually took me about twenty-five outtakes to get a proper photo.  She had also colored her pointer finger pink and really wanted me to take pictures of that one.  Since pink is better, obviously, and also pink was the PRINCESS finger and the purple one was just the prince finger and who really cares about that.





Awesome.  I sent it to Matt at work.


  1. says

    Sigh. That kid is awesome. Aaron came home at 6 PM last night with new superhero race cars. So my kids gave bedtime the middle finger too, because Aaron let them take them to bed. ‘we won’t play with them mommy! We’ll got hold them!’

    Yeah. Right.

    • HereWeGoAJen says

      I think that every few months. “Maybe she will fall asleep if I just give her a toy to sleep with!” No. Never.

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